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Bateria original 100%


Garantia Apple até 28/10/2024


Acompanha Cabo USB-C 1m Apple


Acompanha caixa

iPhone 13 Preto 128GB

SKU: 4775
Color: BLACK

    How to buy

    The devices in our catalog are immediately available in our stock.

    We accept exchanges from iPhone 8 onwards.

    For more information, contact us through our social networks or WhatsApp.

    Form of payment

    The devices can be paid in up to 12 interest-free installments on your credit card.

    And for cash payments or PIX we have a 7% discount.

    For other payment methods, contact us via WhatsApp.

    About the battery

    When selling or exchanging devices, it is important to highlight that we will always consider replacing the battery.

    This way, we can guarantee that our customers receive devices with new, original batteries in perfect condition, with 100% health.

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