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Warranty Terms


1.1. The company WeRepair guarantees the customer a guarantee on the technical services provided, as well as the products purchased, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code.

1.2. The warranty periods vary according to the nature of the services and products marketed by the company and are counted from the delivery date described in the respective Service Order.


SCREENS: 90-day guarantee for the Parallel Line, 180 days for the Premium Line and 365 days for the Original Line.

BATTERIES: 90-day warranty for the Parallel Line, 180 days for the Premium and Original Lines. 

COMPONENTS (Cameras, Microphones, Charge Connectors, etc.): 180 day warranty.

MICROSOLDERING: 180 day warranty.

PRODUCTS: 180-day guarantee for the Entry Line, 180 days for the Premium Line and 365 days for the Original Line.


1.3. This guarantee applies only to services performed on the equipment described under normal conditions of use, provided that they present the same defect for which they were duly quoted.

1.4. The performance of component and product replacement services will be carried out after evaluation by WeRepair professionals. If the existence of a material or manufacturing defect is satisfactorily verified, replacement procedures for a new component or product will be carried out.



2.1. Apple Watches Glass Replacement Consistent Repairs are backed by a 180-day Quality of Service Guarantee.

2.2. Later defects resulting from damage or misuse by the customer, such as cracks or liquid damage, are not covered by the warranty.

2.3. From the moment an Apple Watch suffers damage to its screen, the seal against liquids will already be compromised. Therefore, after changing the glass, any type of contact with liquid is not advisable, under penalty of voiding the warranty.



3.1. This guarantee will be automatically canceled if the equipment undergoes repairs by unauthorized persons or suffers damage resulting from accidents, falls, cracked screen and display, damage to the housing, variations in electrical voltage, contact with liquids, oxidation or any unforeseen occurrence arising from misuse of equipment by the user.

3.2. The warranty of Apple Watch on which damage due to contact with liquids is found after the glass replacement repair in this assistance is also cancelled, the customer having been advised since the opening of the Service Order that after the repair the device will no longer be waterproof. of water.

3.3. In the case of products, the warranty will be void in the event of physical damage, such as damaged or broken cables, as well as damage caused by misuse or natural wear and tear of the product.



4.1. WeRepair is not responsible for backing up device data. The backup is the responsibility of the customer and must be carried out before sending the device for repair.

4.2. The removal of the device must be carried out by the holder of this Service Order or another authorized person.

4.3. Upon receipt of the device, a micro inspection will be carried out in the repair laboratory to verify unauthorized modifications and possible damage. After the analysis, the device may be disqualified for repairs and warranties.

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